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Daisy Mae Soap Daisy Mae Soap

Clean and fresh…this is the perfect mix of floral and fruity. Wonderfully welcoming; soft and sweet; fun and flirty…Perfect!

Our Price: $6.00
Shave & Haircut Soap Shave & Haircut Soap

Many old-fashioned barber shops remind me of witch hazel, fresh talcom powder and falling asleep in the chair while someone cuts your hair! This soap will leave you feeling just as pampered. Shea butter has been shown to improve skin elasticity and can also block the sun’s uv rays so you will often find it as a major ingredient in sun block products, lip balms and lip gloss. It can also be used as an anti-inflammatory making it often used in ointments and creams. All this goodness, combined with a wonderful fragrance will transport you back in time. Who knows, maybe Floyd will be giving you your next haircut?

Our Price: $6.00
Tuxeudo Soap Tuxeudo Soap

Designed in classic black and white sophistication! Paired with a stunning, chic fragrance blend based off Paris’ Hotel Costes house perfume. This unique scent is a medley of bright green essential oils mingled with a spicy, woodsy blend makes for a long lasting soapy clean!

Our Price: $6.00
En Garde Soap En Garde Soap

A powerful blend of cinnamon, clove, rosemary, eucalyptus and lemon
organic essential oils. This amazing blend is porputed to boost the
immune system. Inspired by the legend of French thieves who, during the
15th century Bubonic Plague, wore this special blend of botanicals for
protection while they robbed the dead and

Our Price: $6.50
Just Peachy Soap Just Peachy Soap

If you’re looking for a true, realistic peach scent, this is it! Wonderfully sweet, tart and juicy. Everything that’s right…it’s Just Peachy!

Our Price: $6.50
Perfect Pumpkin Soap Perfect Pumpkin Soap

We are located near the pumpkin capitol of the world…seriously!!  This bar is in honor of the great pumpkin that reigns in our region every year.  The quintessential fall scent of pumpkin pie is sure to become your year-round favorite! Delectable fragrances of cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, cardamom, vanilla and caramel give a delicious welcoming to this soap. And as added bonus, research claims that the scent of pumpkin pie will turn men into helpless love slaves…time to stock up!

Our Price: $6.50
Sunsuous Sandalwood Soap Sunsuous Sandalwood Soap

This alluring scent may take you back to the ‘70’s! Remember sandalwood incense, peace signs and love beads??? The woodsy, captivating fragrance will speak to the hidden “hippy” that lives in everyone. You’re gonna dig it!

Our Price: $6.50
Tea Tree Charcoal Bar Soap Tea Tree Charcoal Bar Soap

Discover the cleaning power of activated charcoal. This mighty little soap tackles deep down dirt. Activated charcoal draws out grime, dirt and toxins from pores, fights oily skin to reduce acne and blemishes. Certified organic butters and oils join forces to moisturize without clogging pores. Organic tea tree essential oil adds antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties to keep skin naturally healthy.

Our Price: $6.50
Forbidden Forest Soap Forbidden Forest Soap

Admittedly this is named by a “Harry Potter” fan! It’s the perfect
re-creation of the woodsy, piney, briskly clean scent of the forest. You
can find hints of all kinds of evergreens in this bar.  Spruce, balsam,
pine and fir needles makes it a scent that Hagrid…and all outdoorsy,
lumberjacks will fall in love with!

Our Price: $7.50
Groovy Dude Soap Groovy Dude Soap

A clean, masculine musk that manages to be fresh and phenomenally sexy at the same time! The splendors of this scent include an Indonesian essential oil, alluring sandalwood, amber and patchouli. It’s the fragrance your mother warned you about! And it’s all packaged in a psychedelic, disco-inspired bar design. Totally groovy, dude!

Our Price: $7.50
Hawaiian Sunset Soap Hawaiian Sunset Soap

Dazzling array of colors leaves you dreaming of the perfect ocean sunset! The exotic Hawaiian plumeria scent captures the essence of the islands. Perfect!

Our Price: $7.50
Zesty Avocado Soap Zesty Avocado Soap

Wake up to an invigorating crisp scent! This unique bar has a lot going for it. There are hints of ginger, peppermint, eucalyptus, thyme, amber and musk to give you an eye-opening experience! The added bonus of real avocado boosts vitamins and fatty acids that your skin will love! Grab a few bars and get a fresh-scented start to your day!

Our Price: $7.50