You'll Love us - Naturally!

In the beginning, there was a . . .goat??! In this particular case, that’s pretty much what started the story of the Shiloh Soap Company! After the purchase of five goats, came the gift of unused soaping equipment along with the suggestion to combine the two to make our own soap. What began as a fun family project, soon turned into the serious interest, study and production of all things “soap”! Soap crafting gave us a way to combine art, creativity and science into a product that has usefulness and beauty. The precision, practicality and artistry of soaping allows our whole family to have a part in the process.

Welcome! We are Steve and Anita Booker. We’d love to tell you a bit about our family and Shiloh Soap Company!
Our family lives in Tremont, Illinois right in the heart of the rolling hills and corn fields of this prairie state. We have three children who help in the soaping process. Along with us, there are a variety of animals that occupy our 20 acres of pasture and timber land. These include the “Fabulous Five” lamancha goats that were the catalyst for the creation of Shiloh Soap Company! Shiloh was established in 2014 to provide artisan soaps and bath products to customers. These soaps are crafted using quality ingredients many which come from our own farm or local suppliers. Our goal is to provide you with a more natural, gentler and uniquely beautiful soap alternative to commercial options.

We'd love to answer your questions! Please email us at: [email protected]